Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I'm actually going mental. After four consecutive weeks of mundanity in the insititute of fascist bullyboyism I cannot stick it anymore. I wake up tired, spend the day half-alseep in lessons - taking next to bugger all in, and going home wrecked with no motivation whatsoever to put any effort into studying. I'm not learning anything, in fact all this is probably having an overall detrimental effect on me. It's getting beyond a joke, and the worst thing is that there's shite all I can do about it. I hate those situations in life, thon "it'll benefit me in the future so I might aswell stick out a year or two of hell" type 'carry on. Balleex.

And is it just me or has everyone suddenly become shrouded in apathy? Nobody (me included) can be arsed anymore, everyone's pissed off, everyone sick and tired... it's all a bit shit right now isn't it? Must be that time of year. I hope Halloween hurries the fuck up so we can all go a bit mental for a week, let out all the frustration by giving it stacks to "Thriller" in Box whilst dodging fat mill-begs dressed as schoolgirls, then laughing at the vodka victims boking their ring up outside.

Anyway sorry for being all heavy and uncool with this somewhat teenage-angst-esque blog post, but like I said, this is what listening to Morrissey does to you! (I've been waiting ages to fit that in somewhere).

Oh, and another thing, I think I may have spotted Tuesday Kid with Battlecat at the entrance to Ormeau Park the other day (Wednesday I think it was?). I'm not sure why I thought it was Tuesday Kid; it was just one of those weird intuitive notions. It most probably wasn't him at all. Awk well. If you're reading this Tuesday Kid, could it have been you?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A return to the institute of pseudo-fascist bullyboyism...

I'm such a shit blogger. Had I bothered my arse I could've spewed out about 3 posts of nonsensical drivel in the space between now and my last. Well here's more literary ballbaggery for you good people of teh internetz to assimilate.

Well first and foremost, I have returned to the institute of pseudo-fascist bullboyism for a further two years. My classes are all pretty nerdy which means I'll actually have to work this year. Balls. Also, I'm convinced that the headmaster is in fact trying to turn the school into some sort of military fort. A building that usually inhabits all us rowdy wans during break has suddenly attained a large number of racks, which border the building like great fortified walls of... plywood? Thus, I have renamed this building, "Kingdom of the Racks".

I started the term in true Johnson manner, thinking that today was in fact Monday and subsequently packed the wrong books. And in my mechanics Maths class, not even the wonderous allure of velocity equations was enough to stop me from nearly, properly falling asleep. You know that feeling you get when your eyes close for a bit and you really have to fight off the temptation? Try that, every 10 seconds, for an hour... desperate. If this is the state of me at the start of the term christ knows what I'll be like when it really starts to kick in. I'll probably become pyschotic, in fact it's inevitable.

However it isn't all bad in the relm of pseudo-fascist bullyboyism. There's new clunge which is always a bonus, free periods and of course heading into town for lunch is badass. Chicken Goujouns + Sweet Chilli Dip + Coke = Happy Alex. I'm going to turn into a fat bastard by the end of the year though. To remedy this potential obesity I have started playing football again. Played my first match on Saturday, won 5-1, scored on my debut. Fuckin' right. However, I seriously nearly boked at training tonight. Summer may have enlightened me mentally, but physically the bastard has ruined me.

On the subject of Summer, I'm gutted that it's over. However, I had some fucking awesome times and thank everyone who has made it so memorable. You know who you are, I love you all. Here's to a few more years of the same!