Thursday, 24 December 2009

Sweet and Tender Hooligan

I need to employ someone to badger the fuck out of me to keep writing these. I'm a lazy bastard this weather, my attitude to everything has been somewhat notionate and hedonistic - well, moreso than usual. Anyway, since my last post about The Specials gig there's been a few things worth writing about, more though worth discarding from memory.

I've been out a good few times in the past while, some nights of which were pretty shite, others were half-decent. A decent one was Cloisters in Ballynahinch last month, it can summarised thusly:
Appletini's (I know we're gay as fuck), the "Pull a Midget Challenge", Underworld - Born Slippy, Ronaldinho/Horse hybrid, Ian being Ian, getting Stella confiscated by the feds, getting started on by spidey fuckers in the street, two kebabs in 10 minutes, subsequently fighting in the kebab place, Deaf Girl, Simon pole-dancing in the street etc etc.

Another one was the Rugby Club, again in Ballynahinch, which can be summarised thusly:
Malibu preswal in taxi, return of the Royal Marine, "Ret luuuuv", Diesel, "Ahhhh no... not Toilet Duck again...", moked up Clubland-esque balls, raving te fuck to moked up Clubland-esque balls, Big Phil getting his hole, getting fucked out (Nazi bastards), epic snowball fight, hypothermia, pissing in garage forecourt at 2am, Adam being fleeced by the taxi man for being from Downpatrick etc etc

I've been to quite a lot of big gigs in the past while, here's a brief review of each:

The Answer in the Ulster Hall: UNBELIEVABLE. Crowd was mental, moshed the whole time, sang along to everything, held Cormac when he crowd-surfed (in fact his face touched my face, as gay as that sounds I care not) and generally had a badass time. Swanee River and Black Spiders were fantastic too.

Horslips in the Odyssey: Great gig, they played all best shit from The Tain, Book of Invasions etc. They were funny fuckers too. T'was just a really good gig, would like to have been standing down in the action though rather than sitting up in the stand.

Yes in the Waterfront: Another class gig. Basically a room filled with auld hippies spaced out to fuck. Really enjoyed it, though Chris Squire has got to the age where skin-tight flares are just an unnacceptable form of attire.

So there's some of the amusing things that have occurred in the past month. That'll do for the meantime, I'll update it in a few days when everything has calmed down. But for now have a fecking brilliant Christmas the lot of ye.