Thursday, 14 January 2010

These Things Take Time

I never know how to title these bastarding things and as a result I've stooped to the lowest level of indie fruitery by using Smiths songs as titles. I know... I hate myself too.

It looks like I've caught whatever bug has been going round 'cos I've been feeling sick as fuck the past week or so. So bad in fact, that I blacked out in the middle of a Biology exam the other day. Was trippy as bejaysus, had to leave the room for 5 mins during the exam for some air, thought I was gonna whitey all over the show. But like a trooper, I went back in and finished the remainder of the exam (of which I have about 50% recollection, so christ knows what I've written).

It's mental to think that it's actually 2010. I assume that this decade will be a momentus one in my life, and frankly I'm quite excited (yet strangely anxious) of what lies ahead. Anyway... I had a beezer New Years; albeit apart from a few minor hiccups at the beginning of the night, such as being rejected from a certain establishment a grand total of three times. You see, as a result of a somewhat over-indulgent pre-swal, my judgement was significantly impaired. And when the bouncer requested my ID I handed him my wallet, forgetting that it contained both my (provisional) drivers license as well as that of another slightly older individual (ie. a fake one). I was swiftly shown the door... However, this didn't deter me from trying to get in a further two times; alas, my valiant drunken efforts were in vain, and I fucked off to another club down the road. Luckily the German techno/hard trance dj Scot Project was playing in this venue, and before him was a dj called Paul Harper, who to my utter delight played a set of glorious trance and progressive house (even including 5 of my favourite tunes). Long story short, I had a fecking fantastic night which can be summed up thusly: lethal lethal BEANS.

If any of you reading this are on Facebook, please have a wee duke at an utterly puerile and somewhat retarded group which I co-write; Lad of the Week...
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Basically, if you're a young adult, you may find this group mildly amusing and perhaps even somewhat relevant in a tragic Inbetweeners-esque way.

Well that'll do. I'm heading to a house party at the weekend and no doubt I'll have a few stories to tell from it. See ye!