Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Declaration.

When the heart finally belays its last,
And breath is all but spent.
Will you ponder the pepper of the stars?
Or pry to what it all meant?

For all paths seem to lead to
An indifferent and insistent end.
Yet who's to say they can't be flanked
By a tenderness; the will to amend...

The distant and unaccountable;
The disharmony of the deep.
Shrewd to the years of closure,
And sly in the shadow of sleep.

That which we all do fear,
Not knowing why still, or how?
'Til it manifests its most fervent facade
And troubled beads crest the brow.

You know your feeble undertakings
Were exercised only in vain.
And naive attempts to inhume the past
Just crudely masked the pain.

And when you had convinced them all
The bygone was so and dead.
Down from the deep and brought from its sleep
It would rear it's formidable head.

But now in a time of reckoning
Will you at last relinquish the doubt?
And shake off the wraithlike shackles
When the flame is forever snuffed out.

For whether there's being beyond this world
Really bears of little concern.
But to truly emancipate one must
Embrace that for which they yearn.

And gazing across the vast
Sapphire lagoons that scatter the sky;
You summon an ethereal liberty
That no compromise can buy.

And the once indifferent paths that left
Most unremarkable scars;
Are aligned and adorned with a renewed hope
That grants promise beyond the stars.